Convention News

June 17-19, 2016, at the Tampa Convention Center.



Sts. Paul and Aquila & Priscilla


Loving & Serving with Joyful Hearts

Each of us has been called by God to live a sacramental way of life.  Our Convention this year celebrates the ways we share our sacrament with others by Loving and Serving With Joyful Hearts.  This is the theme of the 2016 NAS Convention as we gather to celebrate the love that is shared with our WWME Family as we give thanks for our Sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders.    During the weekend of our Family Gathering in Tampa, FL, we want to continue our sacramental formation  as we strive to enhance a closer relationship with the leaders of our Catholic Church as we work to accomplish our mission to Proclaim the Value of Marriage and  Holy Orders in the Church and in the World.  Together, we strive to keep the impossible dream within our sight as we strive to experience a full life with God at the center of our journey!

We hope you will accept this personal invitation to join our WWME Family at our Reunion at the 2016 North American Secretariat Convention in Tampa, FL during the weekend of June 17-19, 2016.  Your presence is important because this convention will not be all it can be without you being with us. WWME in the United States and Canada is depending on us to share our love with others and not just keep it to ourselves--hidden under that proverbial bushel basket!